SSPM Changes in Reaction to the Corona Virus

We want to make things as safe as possible for our volunteers and guests.  With that being said, we also want to still help people that need our services.  Effective March 17, 2020, and continuing for the foreseeable future, we will make the following changes to the way we help those in need:

  • All benevolence (financial) help will be suspended.
  • Our Tuesday Night Dinner will be suspended
  • We will offer "Drive Up/Walk Up' grocery pickup at our normal pantry door - guests will line up on the North side of the church and won't be allowed in the church
  • Our hours will now be 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm (subject to change)
  • You will no longer need to arrive at 8:00 am to pick up a number to determine your processing order
  • As guests line up on the North side of the church, to wait your turn, please leave adequate space between you and the family ahead of you
  • When you arrive at the pantry door, you will verbally give your name, and then your groceries will be placed on a table by the pantry door
  • You will then need to transport your groceries back to your vehicle
  • There will still be the 3 parking spaces in front of the pantry door for those that prefer to drive up, however, you must not block traffic on 2nd Street while you are waiting for one of these 3 parking spaces to open up 

We hope that everyone will work with us through this difficult time, as all of these new processes are subject to change.